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Interval Leisure Group said in the announcement it had more than 280,000 timeshare owners and annual revenue of more than 0 million.But timeshares are also associated with high-pressure sales tactics that get mocked relentlessly in pop culture and they’re often sold at a loss when it comes time to unload one.“Dress it up (as an investment) and promise them world that they can resell it, when the chances of selling it are slim to none.” Micallef, 40, now runs a company called American Consumer Credit in Ormond Beach, Fla.

Interval Leisure Group said in the announcement it had more than 280,000 timeshare owners and annual revenue of more than 0 million.

Timeshare initial prices typically average almost $16,000.

The timeshare industry likes to point out that over a 20-year period, a family of four could save over $25,000 on accommodations by staying in a timeshare compared with what they would pay for hotel stays.

In addition, if you don’t make your payments, the timeshare company can foreclose, Nusbaum warns. One shocked group of several thousand timeshare owners in Kauai, Hawaii found themselves on the hook for nearly $5,800 in special assessment maintenance fees one year, on top of their $1,400 in annual fees, when the resort owner, Diamond Resorts International, said in 2011 the resort on Poipu Beach would have to be virtually rebuilt for $65 million because of water damage. timeshares are located, it is 10 days, and money must be refunded back to the consumer within 20 days after receiving a cancellation notice.

Because of many documented cases of abuse on timeshare sales and resales, most states have put in fairly generous opt-out clauses for consumers, known as the “right of rescission.” Typically consumers can have up to a week to rescind a sales contract for a timeshare, for any reason. In addition, if you do buy a timeshare, be aware that some states have stronger rights of rescission than others, and timeshare companies are well aware which are weaker.

“It was a traumatic couple of hours of hard, hard, hard sell,” he said in an interview.

“We managed to exit with the coupon and no timeshare but we never cashed it in,” he said.Often the “hard-sell” approach from some timeshare companies is because they have so much competition and sales and marketing costs are so high, sometimes as high as 55%, says Gary Prado, director of marketing and business development for Red Week.com, a timeshare sales and rental site.“The reason why timeshares continually get mocked is the way they get sold,” he said.Nevertheless, considering how many options you have when it comes to vacations, you’ve got the leverage when it comes to price.As such, timeshare companies like to offer free gifts like dinners and show tickets, or free “try-it-out” rentals to prospective buyers.Timeshare owners can also “exchange” their shares for accommodations at other resorts around the world. Nearly three-quarters of owners have college degrees and 23% have graduate degrees, and have a median income of nearly ,000, ARDA says.ARDA says that the image of timeshare owners as elderly seniors playing shuffleboard has changed too, with timeshare owners becoming younger and more ethnically diverse with a median age of 39 for owners, and more than 40% of U. Timeshares have also been huge profit centers for hotel companies.Andy Doran, a now 44 year-old scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, Calif.recalls taking a timeshare company up on its offer for a free Las Vegas vacation if he and his fiancée attended a presentation across the Bay from their Berkeley home in Burlingame, a San Francisco suburb.Now that he’s on the other side of the table, he “was finally able to tell (timeshare owners) the truth,” he said.Here are some things experts say to keep in mind before you buy a timeshare: Like most real-estate transactions (even hotel stays), the price is usually negotiable.


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