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Not only does Christof control ever aspect of Truman’s world but he also controls the audience and what they see.He has created a world for Truman to live in and a world in which audience members have become ritually devoted to.Thus, as long as there is society, there will be religion: the making sacred of a given society’s collective good”(Klassen, 11).

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Seventeen years ago through the film involve character interaction with technology and ultimately this form of technology harms a single or multiple characters.

It is evident through their work that Weir and Niccol both shared the idea that technology and television hinder a characters and viewers well being.

Throughout his life, Truman is being filmed and forcibly kept on an enormous television set called Seahaven, which Truman believes is no different from the rest of the world.

In the film, the director Christof becomes the Godly figure that designs and controls almost every aspect of Truman’s world.

If we use this lens as a way to look at the actions of the audience in this film, could be identified as the collective good that is being made sacred, not only through Christof’s influence, but largely by the audience themselves.

After all, one of the three functions of religion is the social function, which is defined by the power of the collective and how shared social experiences create bonds and form attachments toward each other and the experience itself (Bancroft).However, just as he adopts a kind of totalitarian rule over Truman’s life, he also plays the God-like figure of authority for the worldwide audience of itself becomes a kind of implicit religion that the audience has become so dependent and involved in that their idea of reality also becomes just as controlled by the show’s director, Christof.These small clips that reveal the activity of the show’s audience are essential to understanding how the show itself has become an implicit religion for them.The daughter is visual proof of how the show has transcended and integrated itself into the lives of the audience members.Everything on the show is for sale, from the actor’s wardrobe, to the food products, to the very homes they live in.” This reveals how a whole fandom has developed around , within the world of the movie.These scenes, where the movie’s audience gets glimpses of how s audience absorbs and responds to the show, demonstrates the show functioning as a religion through the collective.These people gather together in stadiums, bars, and other public places, and use the show as a bonding experience that results in an extreme attachment to the show.For example, a clip during the introduction of the interview shows a whole stadium packed with thousands of people watching as Truman and his wife, Meryl, get married.Other scenes show a crowd of people gathered around the television at a bar, two men (assumed to be security guards) distracted during their shift, and a mom and her daughter shushing a crying baby as they intently watch the an implicit religion, this does not mean the show should be looked at as a sacred and moral artifact.The creation and depiction of implicit religion within the movie is used to comment on the way in which our realities of the world are constantly being controlled by higher forces, which does not necessarily mean the divine., Christof acts like a God figure.


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