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Jerry came to know himself, both his strengths and weaknesses, which allowed him to cope with his failure to reach his goal. Achebe’s Things Fall Apart demonstrates how Okonkwo is a righteous hero by showing how he handles every event in the rise and fall of his life.could be a young boy helping an elderly woman cross the road. As far as heroes go, what do you think of ’ respect for him.

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He majored in law an diplomatic science and received his master's degree in 1935 (Block 170).

After graduating from the university, Karski began working for the League of Nations and in 1939, he became the secretary of the Department of Immigration, and he became the private secretary of the director of personnel in the Foreign Ministry.

His attempt to stop the war did fail but his voice was heard.

Through his efforts, other countries became more involved and they opened their eyes to what was going on.

On the other hand, there’s a character who can be seen as “non typical” hero – the grandfather With the many scandals and issues plaguing the Philippine nation today, the celebration of Gat Andres Bonifacio’s 150th could not have come at a better time.

Documentaries and exhibitions about the Supremo are once again created to remember and commemorate other unsung heroes who also fought for the independence of this country, and to remind them of the unjust portrayal and treatment of Bonifacio as the “Father of the Philippine Revolution” and makes one person have the courage to act – to take up a sign, walk a picket line, protest an injustice, stand in front of a tank.This group of young men, including Karski would help each other with their studies.Karski finished school in 1931, his mother did not want him to go into the military so he went to college instead.None of these saved lives would have happened without these professionals showing heroism every day.It takes commitment, gallantry, courage and sometimes bravery to step up and go a little further than normal.Though he did fail, he played an important role which helped end the war.Jan Karski was born in 1914, in Lodz Poland (Block 170). Karski's father died when he was young and never knowing his father left him unable to love him.On the other had, he had great respect for his mother, he loved her (Block 170). His strong subjects were history, poetry and literature.According to Karski, "Jews were always strong in science," and throughout his school years, he was great friends with a group of Jewish boys.He stated: "Like the family of my wife—all of them perished in the ghettos, in the concentration camps, in the gas chambers—so all murdered Jews became my family" (Wood).Though Karski witnessed some of the most horrific acts in history, he managed to stand up for himself and for the millions of other people who died in vain during the holocaust.


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