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Genetic variation occurs mainly through DNA mutation, gene flow (movement of genes from one population to another), and sexual reproduction.Due to the fact that environments are unstable, populations that are genetically variable will be able to adapt to changing situations better than those that do not contain genetic variation.

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The surface meaning (denotative meaning) and the deeper meaning (connotative meaning) of the concept has to be explained.

The writer introduces the problem at hand in the introductory paragraph.

Example, substantiate the causes and effects of poor studying behavior in college. The topic could be about a geographical location, a famous personality or a personal experience.

This essay provides flexibility in the writing process.

The writer should brainstorm ideas, use emotional appeals and language creativity to describe the essay topic.

Example, describe a traumatizing experience that you encountered and how it affected your life.Draft an outline of the essay to have an idea of what to focus on.As shown in this article, expository essays are full of diversity. As a student, it is your obligation to ensure you can write any expository essay comfortably.Example, 5 Strategies for address low rankings on Google.The aim of this essay is to explain steps or procedures involved in doing something. Details are provided in a systematic order starting from the first step to the last step. Sufficient evidence is provided to support a topic.The key in this essay is to fully expound a topic in each paragraph without criticism.It must be written while upholding high writing standards.An expository essay should be written after assessing the category it is in.This is to avoid deviating from the topic and causing confusion to the intended audience.There are variations of an expository essay that students should comprehend.


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