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Sprout customers are industry leaders who embrace social media as a vital & permanent part of their communications strategies.We help thousands of enterprise, agency and small to medium sized businesses manage and improve social relationships.What the business plan does is to make sure that you follow a detailed and well thought of strategy for your business. However, more and more people shy from the huge amount of money the business consultants of this world charge.

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I have taken time to research the market regarding branding your own alcohol and have noted the market is highly competitive.

I would like to get an expert’s advice on how to start my own alcohol brand.

Lastly, what channels do I need to follow to get started and how do I compete with ‘imported’ brands and introduce another proudly South African brand like the locally produced Four Cousins wine brand? " Small Business growth specialist Anton Ressel, who consults for SME incubator Fetola among others, gives advice: You are correct when you say that the alcohol (and beverages in general) market is highly competitive.

You are also correct in stating that most funding vehicles will expressedly exclude any business concepts to do with alcohol, cigarettes, sex or any of the other 'sins'. Firstly, you can look for a venture capital partner/angel investor to help you fund the development and launch of your product.

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Cape Town – Many young South Africans are taking it upon themselves to start their own businesses amid an imminent jobs crisis, but they face one big hurdle: funding.If you can present a compelling argument as to why they should consider partnering with you to develop the product and launch it into the market, this would be a smoother ride as most of these brand houses have existing supplier and distribution resources in place and your time to market would thus be considerably shortened. Add your voice to our Small Business Centre* Write a guest post or share a personal story.In both the above instances, you will need to be prepared to give equity in the business away in exchange for access to capital and expertise. The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) was formed in 1973 by the merger of three organizations namely; the Bourbon Institute, the Distilled Spirits Institute, and the Licensed Beverage Industries, Inc. The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) has members of that represent approximately 70 percent of all distilled spirits brands sold in the United States of America.Bacardi USA, Beam Inc., Brown-Forman Corporation, Campari America, Constellation Brands, Diageo, Florida Caribbean Distillers, Luxco, Moet Hennessy USA, Patrón Spirits Company, Pernod Ricard USA, Remy Cointreau USA, Sidney Frank Importing Company, and Suntory USA are all members of DISCUS.This is because of the point that failure to do all these might spell doom for the business.One of the ways to be sure that you are on course in a trade is by writing a business plan.This is one of the reasons why the competition has gotten stiffer.In starting a distillery business, care has to be taken so that all facets of the trade is learnt.Spirits in this classification are made from cereal grains such as barley, rye or corn mash.The Federal Government of the United States of America is responsible for regulating distilleries to a high degree and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) and the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) are responsible for enforcing Federal statutes as they apply to all manufacturers of beverage alcohol.


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