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First off you must quite clear of the purpose of your site.This holds true for any type of web sites, whether it’s a personal web sites, a small business set up, a hobbyist’s page or e- commerce or anything else. Archive Site: Used to preserve valuable electronic content threatened with extinction.Information Site: Contains content that is intended to inform visitors but not necessarily for commercial purposes such as: Rate My, free internet lexicon and encyclopedia.

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May also be known as a Shine in the case of certain subjects such as anime and manga characters.

Game Site: A site that is itself a game or “playground” where many people come to play such as MSN Games, and

Download Site: Strictly used for downloading electronic content such as software, game demos or computer wall paper.

Employment Site: Allows employers to post job requirements for a position or positions and prospective employees to fill an application. Fan Site: A web site created and maintained by fans of and for a particular celebrity as opposed to a web site created, maintained and controlled by a celebrity through their own paid webmaster.

Review Site: Site on which people can post reviews for product or service.

Search Engine Site: A site that provides general information and is intended as a gateway or lookup for other sites.Web Site: A web site is a collection of web pages, images, videos or other digital assets that is hosted on one or several web server(s), usually accessible via the Internet, cell phone or a LAN.A web page is a document, typically written in HTML, that is almost always accessible via HTTP, a protocol that transfers information from the web server to display in the user’s web browser.The URLs of the pages organize them into a hierarchy, although the hyperlinks between them control how the reader perceives the overall structure and how the traffic flows between the different parts of the sites.Some websites require a subscription to access some or all of their content.World Wide Web: The letters “www” are commonly found at the beginning of Web addresses because of the long-standing practice if naming Internet hosts ( servers ) according to the services they provide.So for example, the host name for a Web server is often “www” for an FTP server, “ftp”; and for a USENET news server, “news” or “nntp” ( after the news protocol NNTP).Examples of subscription sites include many business sites, parts of many news sites, academic journal sites, gaming sites, message boards, Web-based e-mail, services, social networking website and sites providing real-time stock market data.Organized by the function, a website may be- » A personal website » A commercial website » A government website » A non-profit organization website It could be the work of an individual, a business or other organization and is typically dedicated to some particular topic or purpose.Types Of Web Site: There are many variety of web sites, each specializing in a particular type of content or use and they may be arbitrarily classified in any number of ways. Database Site: A site whose main use is the search and display of a specific database’s content such as the Internet Movie Database or the Political Graveyard.A few such classifications might include:-Affiliated Sites: Enabled portal that renders not only its custom CMS but also syndicated content from other content providers for an agreed fee. Development Site: A site whose purpose is to provide information and resources related to software development, web design and the like.


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