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But still…That ugly feeling of unappreciation and betrayal nibbles when you check mentees’ works and disclose their plagiarism, doesn’t it? A core reason for procrastination, fear of failure is what affects student motivation and learning strategies.

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Do you know that we all have a subconscious desire to steal from others?

The mirror neuron system of a human brain makes us copy mimics, gestures, and deeds because… And yes, the fear of penalty can’t help to stop it.“Everyone is doing that,” a student exclaims and goes to copy peers’ writings.

Here’s something you can agree on: The ego of some students is so high that they think no one will catch them red-handed and they are above any consequences.

Cynical about grades, they see nothing wrong with plagiarism.

Depending on the difference in understanding the concept of plagiarism, it can be unintentional as well.

Because most of the times help is required from a source and in this case, it is required to understand why is it important to cite sources, otherwise you might become a victim of stolen content.This story is as old as Adam: Back in 2002, CNN Online revealed some students’ view on cheating where they argued that they were “almost completely judged on grades” and “a person who had an entirely honest life couldn’t succeed.”Hubris itself is not a reason why they plagiarize, but it explains why they continue doing it over and over again.Influenced by a false sense of security, such students don’t understand the shattering impact of plagiarism on their well-being.And here goes a paradox: The more intelligent your student is, the more pressure they feel upon them.High expectations and unreasonable demands from the public lead students to the impostor syndrome* and desire to be the best in everything they do.But let’s face it: They just don’t care about the topic you assign. So they choose plagiarism to complete it fast and get back to what they do like.Enormous pressure from teachers and parents to complete assignments, compete for scholarships, and eventually place in the job market turns education process into the turf battle with a focus on results rather than acquired knowledge and skills.In particular, they adopt learning as a way to stroke own egos.So, they don’t study to master the material but prove their superiority to others.Feeling like they are stuck trying to handle that pressure, students struggle to manage it in all possible ways.* the impostor syndrome explained by The School of Life: And plagiarism appears one way to complete all tasks on time, prove competence, and win some time for a recharge.The stress your students experience because of that continuous pressure may lead to unintentional plagiarism, as well: they confuse citations, forget about references, fail to paraphrase their sources right, or decide to use ideas and statements from their already-published works, ignoring the fact of self-plagiarism.


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