Why Is College Important Essay

The essay is generally a response to a question posed in the college application, and a maximum essay length is usually imposed, forcing the applicant to succinctly make his or her point.

The college admission essay gives the university a chance to gain an understanding of the applicant that may not be apparent in other portions of the application, such as admissions tests scores and GPAs.

Because the essay is written from the perspective of the applicant, it provides the college with a unique glimpse of the goals and intentions of the student and may determine whether or not the student will be a good fit for the school.

The content of the admission essay depends upon the question posed in the application.

College-educated adults were also less likely to have used expensive forms of credit.

Just 2.3% of college-educated adults used pay-day and tax refund loans within the last year, compared to 9.2% of high school graduates without a college education.

Read on to find out more about the importance of college admission essays.

College admission essays form an important part of a student's college application and are required by most schools.

College admission essays play an increasingly important part of the college admissions process.

Many schools require a college admission essay to decide between applicants who may otherwise share similar academic credentials.


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