Why Stereotypes Are Bad Essay

The negative connotation that usually accompanies stereotypes comes from the misunderstanding of a stereotype in itself.Stereotyping is a natural function of the human and cultural mindset, used in order to simplify and generalize otherwise complex realities.The standardized conception or image of a specific group of people or objects serves as a sort of cookie cutter for our brain.

It's really quite impossible to categorize everyone because people all have differences. However, I think stereotyping can be good phenomenon in advertising.

It's an attempt to classify people, and it's usually based on appearances.

Once a stereotype is identified and defined, it allows us to understand otherwise hidden views that people hold.

At time its serves valuable to label or classify individuals, such as the term freshman.

Stereotypes are thoughts and ideas perceived about groups of people and their actions. The dramatic assumptions and accusations create stereotypes and their origin.

The most common stereotypes are about race, and people in every race can be judged before they have the opportunity to prove themselves if their stereotypes precedes them.

And it`s also a kind of stereotyping but with a positive meaning.

For example, all we know that Italian wine, Swiss clocks, German cars, Swiss banks are the best ones.

Even though stereotypes and stereotyping is wrong, if one must it should be based off of that person’s personal experience, with lots of people.

It is impossible to say that the way one person thinks or acts is because of their race.


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