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Woman have come along way from a time when they were told to conform to the ways of society and to keep their mouths shut because their opinion didn't matter.The medieval society was one time when women were treated as less than human.

Her fourth husband had a mistress, so she “gave him a real cause for jealousy”.

Her fifth marriage was unhappy because her husband who is half of her age beats her.

In The Canterbury Tales, the character of the Wife of Bath is one strong-willed, confident woman who defies the rules of society.

She is described as having a bold face (Prologue 468).

It is possible that this allegation of rape brought on to Chaucer by Cecily Chaumpaigne, is the very reason behind the Tale of the Wife of Bath.

The wife of Bath is a tough woman with a mind of her own and she is not afraid to speak it.

" She'd had five husbands, all at the church door..." (Prologue 470).

Conformity was not at all in the vocabulary of the Wife of Bath.

The wife of Bath is a very envious women, who desires only a few simple things in life.

She likes to make mirror images of herself, through her stories, which in some way reflects the person who she really is.


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