Winston Wolf I Solve Problems

The movie, with its sharp dialogue, dark humor and eclectic soundtrack is widely recognized as one of the most influential movies of the decade.

Little issues that suddenly got much bigger, exploding onto the local, state, national and even global scene because of the Internet, are what we handle best.

I’m not just talking about those bad or wrong things that folks actually do.

Legen Sie den Fokus auf die grösseren Probleme und gehen diese zuerst an.

Die Kunst dabei ist, die kleinen Dinge dabei nicht zu vergessen und diese später ebenfalls anzugehen.

Critical risks or issues must be treated, and communicated as such. What have you been able to take from The Wolf, or Pulp Fiction in general, and implement in your work?

About Paul Danek Paul Danek is a senior consultant in Statera’s Salesforce CRM Practice.The best consultants must know their SOW, their client, and any available project documents inside and out on day one of the project.This ensures week 1 is productive, rather than reactive, and shows immediate progress.Do you have favorite movies, that whenever they’re on TV, you absolutely HAVE to turn them on and watch a bit? One of my absolute favorites is Pulp Fiction (though the censored for network TV version is excruciating to watch).I’m sad to admit that I’m old enough to have seen the film in the theater when it was first released in 1994!While I still am immensely entertained by many of the same scenes I was when I first saw it, now, as a consultant, I find myself more and more fascinated by Harvey Keitel’s character, Winston Wolf.Fellow Pulp Fiction fans remember “The Wolf” as the brutally efficient problem-solver brought in to help main characters Jules (Jackson) and Vincent (Travolta) clean up the aftermath of a grisly mishap resulting in a dead body in their car.Es gibt genug Leute, die grosse Reden schwingen um kurz danach wieder zu verschwinden, ohne sich auch nur eine Minute um die Ausführung zu kümmern.Der wertvollste Projektmanager erledigt die Dinge, und spricht nicht nur darüber.Winston: «About the car, is there anything I should know about it, does it stall, does it smoke…» Jules: «Beside from how it looks, the car is cool. Don`t get me out on the road and I find out the brake lights don`t work» Es bringt nichts, schlechte Nachrichten zu verheimlichen.Je schneller die Dinge auf den Tisch kommen, desto mehr Zeit bleibt für eine Reaktion.


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