World Peace Thesis

World Peace Thesis-35
Various theoretical perspectives are discussed and evaluated.

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of community and cooperation, which make governments just and public spirited.”Governments that rest “not upon the armed strength of the governors, but upon the free consent of the governed,” he added, “seldom coerce their subjects” and use force only as a “last …

resort.”When Wilson traveled to France for the Versailles peace conference, he envisaged the creation of a world order based on the democratic self-determination of peoples, constitutional protections of minority rights, free trade and commerce, the opening up of diplomacy to public scrutiny, and the creation of a League of Nations to keep the peace.

Others insist on defining the word as no hunger, poverty, suffering, deprivation, and inequality.

No matter how you or the official English dictionary defines the term “peace,” we all understand the importance of this quality.

You should not be shy when it comes to sharing personal thoughts when it comes to such a serious topic.

World Peace Thesis

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