Write A Paragraph About Your Family Essay

Otherwise, you will end up with one more couch-for-success article.

That’s not what we aim for, so let us do some brain-storming on the word family for a starter. In our culture, it usually stands for a nuclear family consisting of mom and dad, kids and a pet (otherwise whom you would secretly feed that hated broccoli? It is time spent with them, help and support gained, compassion and love felt that let you plough through the daily school or work.

So basically your question on how start essay is about shaping your main statement and developing it.

An introduction can be written last, but a thesis goes first.

Family shapes your immediate feeling of protection.

It is here that you know you will be safe from storms, bad people, troubles, and stresses.Instead, you can literally drink from the endless cup of their kindness and so face a new day refreshed and prepared.Family gives you a sense of belonging in this unsteady and ever-changing world.Even memories of home and family members in it can make you comfortable and safe. From ready hot meals after a cold rainy day to mom’s hugs and emotional support when you cry on her shoulder, you get unconditional care.You can complain to dad about your girlfriend not understanding you, about homework loads, about anything and not be judged.You do not need new clothes or cool gadgets to be accepted and accommodated.You find your own identity through the identity of your parents and siblings or even grandparents.Family helps and nurtures, the support allows you to achieve meaningful goals.So what can be more important for everyone, after all?A thesis statement concentrates what you will say in your paper.If you want to discuss how your parents inspired you, mention it in the thesis.


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