Writing A Literature Review For A Research Project

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So, for example, if your thesis is regular, online tests help University students to learn new material then you will need to implement some sort of online tests for new material, design and run an experiment to test your thesis, and write it up in your dissertation.

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Your project as a whole will be a piece of research because you will be creating something new that has not been created before.

What that is exactly will depend on the field you are studying.

If you are working in the arts or some areas in the humanities then the expectations of you may well be very different.

Still, a good dissertation in the sciences will contain roughly the elements listed below.

It is unlikely that you will produce something completely ground breaking, so don't be intimidated by fact that your work has to be novel.

Writing A Literature Review For A Research Project Executive Summary For Assignment

That said, it may be that you produce an excellent piece of work and your supervisor may want to turn that into a technical report or conference paper with you, which would be great for your CV (or resume).

I say "roughly" because, depending on the exact nature of your work, it may be sensible to expand some sections into two chapters rather than one, or to coalesce some elements into a single chapter.

Your supervisor can give you more specific advice on this.

These questions crop up frequently and will be familiar to any readers who are starting their own project.

However, when you fully understand the purpose of the literature and how to go about writing one, you begin to realise that these questions are actually not that important.


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