Writing A Research Paper In High School

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If your thesis isn’t defensible, your evidence doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, or your argument can be easily dismantled, you may need to take a step back and consider a full rewrite.Perhaps the argument needs alterations or your evidence should be ordered differently.These kinds of changes may lead to a significant rewrite or to just a few, quick tweaks.Your thesis statement is a single sentence stating the big idea you want to communicate.It should be relevant to your topic and cut to the heart of your research project. A typical outline includes your thesis statement and three to five lines of evidence supporting your big idea.If the thesis is the backbone of your paper, and the outline is the rest of the skeleton, then a first draft puts some meat on those bones.Your thesis and outline can grow and change as you develop your draft but should still give your paper a sense of purpose and order.This is a great point in the process to invite a trusted third party (whether a classmate, tutor, or parent) to read your draft and provide feedback.Another set of eyes can be a great way to identify and resolve core flaws in your research or composition.Find simple summaries and make sure enough depth exists to warrant your continued research. Once you’ve picked a topic and surveyed it, take a deeper dive.Find the major view on your subject, identifying key resources, reading these with depth, recording their main arguments, pulling key quotes, and recording your unprocessed thoughts on the subject.


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