Writing The Winning Thesis Or Dissertation

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Aim to achieve that balance of formality but understandability (although I do recommend words of three syllables when one will normally do).However (or But or Nevertheless), I suggest, as I said, that you write at first in whatever style comes out.It’s hard enough to get the words down without fretting about their Greek roots.

You must also consult the following official documents: Email the Graduate Research School Office if you have questions about how these regulations and guidelines may affect you.

Formatting your thesis requires detailed attention so read the Library's practical guidelines in the Formatting your thesis box.

Save time and checking by collecting all the necessary data for each reference, at the time of consulting the works concerned.

Managing your references - guide to recommended software for in-text and bibliography tasks.

Read or reread articles you can understand in respected journals.

Read dissertations that have won awards and have been recommended by professors you trust (the quality of accepted dissertations varies bigtime).Do some of the exercises in Greene and Lidinsky’s (2014) , not only for reading and writing in academic style but also for thinking and extracting the essence of articles (this book will help too in your literature review).Practice To write good Dissertationese dialect that doesn’t get you kicked out of the kingdom of Academe takes practice.Your subconscious continues to chug along, even if you are staring out the window.As you come back and back again to your work, it all gets clearer and you revise with a more incisive eye.See Published (and Maybe Maverick) Guidelines For your very own work, see the many helpful and frequently hilarious suggestions in the provocative booklet by Pinker, Munger, Sword, Toor, and Mac Phail (2014), .In this booklet, which reprints the Pinker article I referred to earlier and others on the art and failings of academic writing, see especially Sword’s (2014) prescription for curing yourself of “jargonitis” (p. Don’t Hurry Recognize that the processes of writing, thinking, digesting, rethinking, revising, re-rethinking, and re-revising cannot be hurried.When one of my clients turned in her dissertation, Turnitin tagged every use of the most generic words and phrases that were at the heart of her topic and research! Witness only one scandal that made headlines: Seven years after Montana Senator John Walsh’s award of his master’s, the Army War College found out that he had plagiarized his thesis.(We wrote a strong letter to her chair pointing out the deficiencies— and she passed this hurdle.) Nevertheless, your university probably requires you to put your dissertation through the Turnitin wringer. The college revoked his degree, and he dropped out of the Senate race (“Army War College Revokes,” 2014; Bailey, 2014).Remember too that most universities subscribe to Turnitin, that devilish plagiarism hunter.It’s true that Turnitin has received some serious criticism (Dames, 2008) and is not infallible.


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